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four annual games in addition to fierce competition of all players on the field, the major sports brands in the field to improve the visibility of a dragon and a tiger in combat, the brand in the Olympic arena. The winners of the previous year are usually Nike, but this year has changed differently. According to Forbes report, Nike since last Friday, the stock price rose by only 1%, while Under, Armour and Adidas respectively rose by 2.3% and 5.9%. In this quarter's financial report, Adidas announced that brand sales in North America increased by 26%, while Nike was down by 10%, marking the worst record of the year. According to the well-known stock company Bespoke Investment Group pointed out, in fact, Nike from 1984 to 2004 during the Olympic Games, the share price has risen from the original 4% to 19%, reached a very huge growth, it would be difficult to break through the brand this year, strong attack plus two enemies. Paul Hickey, founder of Bespoke, said: "Under Armour is already a listed company, which means more sponsorship has entered this competition, and it has also made the brand competition more fierce.". "

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Nike+ members are now available for Nike HyperAdapt 1.02017 February 17th /0 review / on: shoes information / via: SneakerDaily

first equipped with Auto-Lacing automatic lace Technology shoes HyperAdapt 1, in December 1st attention debut, popular popularity led to the shoe was sold out. But this new automatic lacing shoes Nike HyperAdapt 1? In the again, and black ash two color Nike + open to users to buy, the retail price of $720 dollars, you haven't bought a chance to be friends.

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