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Eastern Journey

Amber Musc Sandalwood

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The amber, musk and sandalwood gathered together around a fragrance with captivating and enchanting notes... This products line is a travel towards the heart of the Mystic East, following the footstep of the millennium beauty rituals, where tradition meets sensoriality.


Gifts orders

  • The exquisite ceremony la sultane de saba®

    Amber musk sandalwood

    99,00 €

  • The oriental relaxation la sultane de saba®

    Amber musk sandalwood

    129,00 €

  • The sparkling gold adornment la sultane de saba®

    Amber musk sandalwood

    190,00 €

Other cares linked to those rituals...

  • Silk proteins and sugar scrub

    55,00 €

  • Oriental massage la sultane de saba®

    59,00 €

  • Signature massage la sultane de saba®

    72,00 €

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Beauty tips

Benefits of scrub :

At anytime of the year, the skin needs to be cleaned and removed from dead cells thanks to a body exfoliation.Theamber, musk and sandalwood silk proteins scrub is perfect to remove softly but not less efficient the daily life impurities. It stimulates the blood circulation and favours the penetration of actives ingredients. Perfect for the cellular renewal, it also sublimates the skin with a subtle fragrance.

While showering, apply the scrub on a wet skin with circular movements on the whole body then rinse.

For well hydrated skin and silky hair :

The well-kept beauty secret from African women is the shea butter. This product is a pure rejuvenation cure with moisturizing and nourishing properties. It is also very convenient for pregnant women to supple the skin and avoid stretch marks. The shea butter is ideal for massage because it softens the skin epidermis while nourishing deeply. It is used :

  • as a mask on hair for 20 min. Very good for dry hair.
  • on the whole body but mostly dry parts, take a knob, melt it in the hands and apply.

Oriental exfoliation and wrapping care for a soft skin :

The black soap as the rassoul, is part of the hammam ritual. While rubbing the marble floor with this paste made of crushed olives and potash, women realized how soft their skin were becoming. Thus the cosmetic black soap has been created, a natural exfoliating known for its purifying and soothing properties on the epidermis. In their beauty ritual, oriental women also use the rassoul on both body and hair to purify.

Beauty ritual :

  • Moisten the kessa glove and apply black soap with circular movement.
  • Scrub the whole body to get rid of dead skin.
  • Leave black soap for 5 minutes.
  • Rinse with tepid water and apply rassoul.
  • Leave for 15 minutes and rinse generously.

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